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The RentPayment Marketing Advantage

Success in providing electronic payment acceptance to renters is absolutely dependent on the marketing at the property level to renters. 10 years of experience in understanding what works best in maximizing adoption makes RentPayment uniquely qualified over other processors that simply “enable acceptance” but do not go the “last mile” of increasing payment volume with every property.

Most credit card and e-Check processors are simply technology providers that provide a way to take payments that does not contemplate the needs of the property management industry, nor invests in the tools to drive awareness with renters.

To reach 100% of renters, it requires a combined online and offline marketing strategy. RentPayment designs a marketing campaign for each client that draws from the best promotions, collateral, and communications we have implemented over the years. Examples include:

  • Gift card promotions to expand renters signing up for AutoPay
  • Doorhangers, magnets, and other pieces for distribution to all renters
  • Lawn signs, placards, and window clings for display in or around leasing offices
  • ClickPay Email reminders, RentByText messages, and social networking for online awareness
  • Property logo displayed on payment pages, tools for displaying links on property websites
  • RentPayment’s NEW custom websites, optimized to drive payment awareness

When most processors stop at the merchant/property level, RentPayment marketing and customer service reaches renters and property managers alike to make each property’s rollout a huge success.